APC Primaries: Idris Aregbe Reaffirms Bid For Surulere Chairmship

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The All Progressives Congress (APC) Lagos Chapter’s Youth Organising Secretary, Idris Aregbe, has debunked claims that he had stepped down from race to become the party’s candidate for Surulere Local Government chairmanship election, just as he assured the teeming supporters that daily endorsement receive daily from youths, women and others indicated that the party ticket for the council will be won by him during the primaries.Aregbe said that the support received daily, which had expanded the campaign train, further indicated that victory was already certain and all that was left to be officially declared APC candidate for the council is for the primaries to start on May 29th, 2021.
Speaking through a statement he officially signed and made available to newsmen on Saturday, he commended residents of Surulere for their support since the start of the campaign, saying your support has become a clear explanation of what we truly desire for Surulere going forward.He added that the inspiring support received from the elderly, women, and youths proved their resolute commitment and boost his morale and the need to forge ahead with the campaign for positive as well as rapid transformation of Surulere through him, just as he assured that their gesture would never be forgotten.He said: “Much more than when the race began, the mighty waves of enthusiastic support from the great people of Surulere has boosted my confidence about certain victory. With firm certainty, we are sure of victory. Everything that we have done in pushing our campaign forward has always been done in the open”.The aspirant added that the remaining days left for him to be declared winner of the council primaries “were last lap of the race towards victory and I assure you once again, great people of Surulere, very soon, we shall celebrate our certain victory”.Aregbe, meanwhile, pleaded to the youths and his supporters not to peddle hate speeches as well as eschew the politics of bitterness with anyone that would be visiting them in days before the primaries particularly those who would claim that he was against the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Femi Gbajabiamila’s interest within the council.While stressing that this was not true, the aspirant hinted that all he had done before now was to urge the fourth citizen of the country to continue with his activities particularly to often speak for Nigerians including residents of his constituency and not dabble into the council poll.
According to him, dear brothers and sisters, they simply fear us; your tremendous support for me is giving them hallucinations! and that formed the reason they started writing out dubious messages, trying to give us bad names. But why can’t they dare to put their names and their house address on such write-ups?The youth organising secretary further urged his supporters not to engage in such rather whenever anyone come to them, they should discuss peace and how infrastructures as well as, other developmental programmes would begin to spring up across Surulere.”Part of what they are saying is that I am against Speaker Gbajabiamila and any potential political ambition he may have. Please tell them that all that I focus upon is chairmanship of Surulere LGA; as far as I am concerned, any big or small politician has the democratic right to aspire to whatever position in the land.”Therefore, I plead with you all that as victors, we shall not peddle hate the way they do; instead, we must forgive them and usher in an era of peace, progress, and development that is sure to benefit all of us, including the children of those who erroneously chose to peddle hate.”Again, I plead that we must eschew bitterness and ensure peace and tranquility in Surulere as we continue this race: I will never endorse the use of violence in any form”, he added.

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