BBNaija: A Friendly Tool In The Wrong Hands By Najmudeen Mustopha Olorunwa

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The cutlass that sucks blood in the hands of a terrorist or a cultist, befriends the soil and makes seeds germinate for everyone’s benefit when it’s in the hands of a farmer. Then should I call the cutlass a dangerous tool or a useful one? Similar questions pop up in my mind whenever I hear the word, “BBNaija”. Is a reality show the main issue? Or the fuel behind its fire? Or the smoke from the fire? Or the nose that inhales the smoke? Or the water that refuses to quench the fire?

Being on a neutral ground, a reality show serves as one of the most effective way to disseminate information or get the attention of audience via social media and television, basically because of it’s originality. Audience tends to enjoy seeing people’s character in it’s true form, I mean people’s reaction towards a particular thing, off the script. So as a result, reality shows attract audience than other shows or programmes.

Succinctly put, if you have a critical message to share and you really want the attention of your audience, then conning it into a reality show is an easy way to achieve your goal, especially when your audience are youths or teenagers. Certainly, this fact is known to the organisers or brains behind the popular reality show known as BBNaija.

In an unbiased view, the brains behind BBNaija are either businessmen whose main goal is to get financial gains from the show irrespective of it’s impact in the moral values of the audience, or they are immoral ones that see the reality show as a way to spread immoralities across the nation and probably the globe too. Either of the two, you will agree with me, that they are at the peak of achieving their goals.

The two major factors of this, are the governments who refused to listen to the cries of our crying criers regarding the ban of the show, and the over millions of audience who sponsor the show with their daily or weekly 30naira each and data perhaps. Simply put, misplacement of priority of the audience and incompetency of agencies in charge of broadcasts and shows like that, are the main issues we are battling with.

So, I advise stakeholders of moral and educational development to focus less on the call for BBBnaija’s ban, and focus more on getting the audience to turn their backs on the show. This can be done by intensive sensitization for parents and youths to know the reasons why the show has to be blocked on their DSTV or GOTV. Also, the massive investment in counter educational and moral developing programmes will not only erase BBNaija but also improve the value of our nation and our youth.

In view of the above, if there’s an educational or moral developing show that gives as much as or more than what BBNaija offers, then there’s high probability that BBNaija will turn to a “once upon a time” show.

Submissively, the level of the immorality in the popular reality show, needs an urgent anti-immorality operation, which shouldn’t be based on the cry for the ban of the show alone, as the agency in charge can’t claim their ignorance to the effect of the show. So, philanthropists and stakeholders of educational and moral development should urgently swing into action regarding the aforementioned for a better future.

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