British Royal Line Of Succession

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Charles has been the Prince of Wales since 1969. The Queen had some years ago cleared the air, given what happened to her uncle, King Edward VIII, in 1936.*

*King Edward VIII was the first son of King George V & second child of 6 children – made of a girl and five consecutive sons. The father of Queen Elizabeth II was the 2nd son. He was also the Duke of York.*

*When King George V died in Jan 1936, the 1st son & Prince of Wales for 25yrs (since 1911) took over as King Edward VIII. But he was a bachelor King @ 42. Prince Albert, his immediate junior and Queen’s dad, the Duke of York, was already married with 2 daughters, Elizabeth and Margaret.*

*The ceremonies for enthronement involve 2 parts – Proclamation (civil) @Privy Council on the day the last Monarch dies; and Coronation (religious) @Westminster Abbey or St Paul Cathedral One Year after. The King cannot put the crown on his head until coronated.*

*The bachelor King Edward VIII had a fiancee, an American Catholic divorcee, Ms Wallis Simpson. The British Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin & the Archbishop of Canterbury said no! A constitutional crises started !!!*

*King Edward VIII was on the throne for just 11 months from Jan 1936 to Dec 10th, 1936. He refused to let go of the fiancee Ms Simpson. He said she would make him a better King. Parliament refused the marriage. Some MPs like Sir Winston Churchill who were close friends of the King tried to rally dissenting members to the King’s side. The public were sympathetic and wanted the King to remain on the throne since he was a ceremonial monarch. But the King could not go to the public via a referendum because he was not a politician. The Prime Minister, Stanley Baldwin, firmly rebuffed the King. The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Gordon Lang, also refused permission. But the King “The Defender of The Faith”, was his boss as descendant of King Henry VIII who founded the Church of England in 1553 by breaking away from the Catholic Church over his attempt to divorce Catherine of Aragon, the first of his 6 wives !!!*

*The King or Queen is also the “Supreme Governor of The Church of England”, part of 12 titles over the years.*

*So King Edward VIII, Queen Elizabeth II’s Uncle, was refused permission to marry divorcee Ms Wallis, who only had a Decree Nisi of divorce, not Decree Absolute, from last husband (she actually was twice divorced). The Church said that it was adultery for the King, heir to Church owners, to marry a divorcee and a show bad example. The King also suggested a Morganatic marriage, allowing the King to marry but the wife not to take the title of Queen and the children not to be heirs to the throne. The Conservative Cabinet refused. So, the King abdicated after only 2 official functions- Opening Parliament in Nov. 1936 & Memorial Day (poppy day) on Nov. 11, 1936. On each occasion, he was ceremonially dressed but carried the crown on his hands, not head because while he was due to be coronated in April 1937, he abdicated the throne on Saturday, Dec 10, 1936 !!!*

*”I reject the notion by many, that given a choice between love and duty I chose love. Yes indeed in choosing to marry Wallis, I chose the path of love. But in abdicating the English throne I chose the path of duty. I did not value the crown so lightly that I gave it away so hastily, but I valued the crown so highly that I surrendered it rather than risk the impairment of its prestige”. -King George VIII parting words. !!!’*

*Before King George VIII left aboard HMS Fearless @Portsmouth to France and exile on Dec 10, 1936, his fiancee Ms Wallis had already been hounded out of England by many, furious she may have bewitched the King to abandon the throne. But it was love, the love of the 20th Century! After the King had decided to abdicate, he gathered his brothers including Queen Elizabeth II’s father, Duke of York and later King George VI (1936-52). After the parting words with their mum in attendance, the Government was duly informed and his junior brother proclaimed King as George VI. He had only 2 daughters – Princess Elizabeth and Margaret. King George VI was on the throne for only 16yrs (1936-52), and when he died in 1952, Elizabeth became Queen. But his senior brother, former King Edward VIII, lived another 20yrs till 1972. So abdicating the throne to live in France and exile as Duke and Duchess of Windsor was good for him. Queen Elizabeth II had no business being Queen, fortune only smiled on her via Ms Wallis Simpson !!!*

*When the exiled King Edward VIII got to France, the Royal family acquired a mansion on the city outskirts where he lived with Wallis Simpson as Duke & Duchess of Windsor from 1936 – 1972 (36yrs). They had no children, just the 2 of them.*

*When I used to work as Schlumberger Oil Services Manager in Paris (1984-86) I once visited the place as a tourist attraction. What a lovely, breathtaking edifice of a castle to behold. Mohammed Fayeed former owner of Harrods and father of Dodi Fayeed, late Princess Diana paramour, later acquired the property. It was that mansion Diana & Dodi were heading to after leaving the Ritz Hotel (also owned by Fayeed) on the night of August 31st, 1997 that the fatal crash occurred, remember? !!!*

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