Celebrity Club Owner, Pretty Mike Rejects Val Gifts From Secret Admirer

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Celebrity nightclub owner, Pretty Mike has rejected a Valentine’s Day gift from a secret admirer.

Via his verified Instagram page, Pretty Mike also shared a video in which he warned other secret admirers not to bother sending him any gifts if they are not going to identify themselves.

Sharing a photo of him sitting with the ballooned gift, Pretty Mike expressed his displeasure at the gift, which he said he met when he woke up.

He captioned the post, “Like really, woke up not long ago and met this box of gift downstairs. I normally don’t post stuffs or a picture of myself this way, but I needed to make this statement loud and clear. Please stop sending stuffs over to my place if you are not going to identify yourself.

“Which one is “secret admirer”, most people around me will tell you, I’m not a big fan of all these things. If anyone of you is planning on blowing trumpet to my doorstep, I have given standing order not to allow anyone in. Please don’t waste your money and time. Better still, carry your gifts to motherless babies home.”

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