Chioma Akpotha Laments ‘Tribal Hate’ After Polling Unit Attack

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Nollywood actress, Chioma Akpotha has lamented on how she was not allowed to vote at her polling unit on Saturday for being a non-indigene in Lagos.

The actress also noted that she now sees things differently and questions if she would ever heal from the tribal hate.

Akpotha wrote, “After the events of d 25th Feb. I was clearly a target at my polling unit. They were waiting for me. They didn’t even let me cast my vote. If i could vote somewhere else, I would have BUT no I decided to “chase clout* by risking my life. Omo Ibo like me, a non-indigene #SMH

“E go hard ! I now see things differently.

“Will I even heal from this tribal hate? Horrible words spewed on me just because I came out to vote in a land I have always known as home. A land that has sheltered me from birth… What exactly did I do wrong on Saturday 18/03/23?? What ?”

Credit: Twitter | chiomakpotha

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