Cholera Prevention: Lagos Govt Charges Residents To Be At Alert

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•Says Total Hygienic Practices Critical To Prevent Outbreak

Lagos state Government on Sunday alerted residents to be wary of the outbreak of cholera in some parts of the country, urging everyone to embrace wholesome hygienic practices.

In a statement by the Commissioner for the Environment and Water Resources, Hon Tunji Bello, he said residents must not wait until the state records cholera outbreak before they take preventive action or measures.

He added that since cholera only thrives in unhygienic conditions, all practices such as open defecation, drinking untreated water from unclean sources, improper disposal of refuse and not washing hands with soap always must be stopped.

He appealed to members of the public to own the process by ensuring that proper toilet facilities are provided in residences and when people are outdoors, public toilets or mobile toilets must be used.

Tunji Bello added that all tenements and property owners must prevent exposure of loose refuse and that they are not only properly bagged but disposed through approved PSP operators to prevent flies from feasting of them.

He informed that the present administration in Lagos State, very mindful of the large population of the state, has embarked upon several sensitization campaigns to enlighten residents on the dangers of a cholera outbreak.

Bello listed the measures to include door to door sensitization campaign round neighbourhoods and estates by environmental sanitation officers and public awareness campaign to markets, public places and parks.

The Commissioner informed that awareness campaigns are also being stepped up in the mass media through jingles in English, Yoruba and pidgin to drive the message to the hinterlands.

He warned that the state environmental Police which is also known as the Task Force Against Open Defecation has been empowered to step up its monitoring activities and apprehend anyone caught defecating in open places.

Bello added that the same directive applies to Kick Against Indiscipline operatives round the state to enforce sanitation laws especially as it affects hygiene in public places.

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