Crescent Varsity Valedictorian Breaks The Tape With 4.98 CGPA

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The record breaker is here. With a Cumulative Grade Point Average of 4.98, Mr Semiu Amzat Biola is the 2021/2022 best graduating student at Crescent University, Abeokuta, a Citadel of Academic and Moral Excellence founded by His Excellency Prince Bola Ajibola, a former judge of the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

In this interview , the graduate of Department of Islamic Studies threw light on how he was able to cross the hurdle to lead the pack at the forthcoming 14th convocation of the institution.

Excerpts below:

Q: Can you please introduce yourself?
A: I am Mr Amzat Semiu Biola

Q: What is your final Cumulative Grade Point Average? How did you achieve that coming from the college of arts?

A: My CGPA is 4.98.
I achieved this firstly with the mercy of Allah and then through dedication, discipline, devotion and burning quest for knowledge.

Q: How did you feel when the news of being the 2022 valedictorian was broken to you?

A: When the news was broken to me, I felt elated but perplexed. Just went on prostration to Allah as a form of gratitude. Since to Him belongs all honor.

Q: How and when do you study?

A: Mostly I studied during the night between 3-4am daily.
I tried to cover what I learnt the previous day. I also use my school holiday to cover up for the next semester’s course outline.

Q: Like how many hours per day?

A: An hour at night daily and mostly at free time during the day.

Q: Which were your toughest course and semester?

A:ISS 499. Long essay/ Project. 400Level, second semester.

Q: The Proprietor, His Excellency Prince Bola Ajibola had a vision for founding Crescent University. How do you describe his vision of academic and moral excellence?

A: The popular misconception is that private universities are only concerned with making money and with enough money you could buy your way. The story at Crescent University is different. The institution has an oustanding blend of both academic and moral excellence.

Q: What has Crescent University added to you during the course of your studentship?

A: Passing through a university is not just to be tutored within the four walls of the university. I have been refined, remodelled and rebranded for the future challenges during the course of my studenship.

Q: Your future ambition?

A: To become a leading expert in Islamic Social and corporate Finance.

Q: Your advice to current undergraduates

A:Time is of essence.
Utilising one’s time judiciously is a vital to academic excellence.

Q:Your parting words for Nigerian government

A: Education is at the
heart of any human development and civilisation. Unfortunately, this sector is suffering from various setbacks ranging from poor infrastructure,poor renumeration of teachers and man power.
Government at all levels needs, as a matter of urgency, to review the education sector of our dear nation through adequate funding as a tool for socio-economic and moral growth and development for the citizens especially the youths.

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