Fixing Your Unemployment Issues In Little Way

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There is always a point in the life of an unemployed graduate where you will have to start asking yourself that what else can I do to earn a living if no one is willing to employ me.

If you are at that junction, then the options are three.

1. Look for skills that is marketable, learn it and you will employ yourself. Look around, a vast majority of Nigerian graduates now are either tailors, cake bakers, make up artistes, photographers, shoe makers, web designers, pop tilers, etc and honestly these are services that people will always need. And many in this line are not doing badly. There are towns you will be where your chances of getting a paid job will be slim because there are little or no company yet lots of people are living there. They are just providing one service or the other for themselves. Use social media to market your skills. Don’t just come here discussing other people.

2. Use little money to Start a Small business. No matter how little it is, there is always a business you can start even with 5k and make 1k daily, if you can only learn how to market it. If you earn 1k in 20days. That’s 20k in 20 working days. You can do this as a side hustle. Look around for Small things you can exchange for money. I wrote a book available in softcopy on “how to make money with small businesses in Nigeria” . It’s just 2k. DM, if you can read. It may open your eyes a bit.

Many street sellers have wares that are not up to 10k, you can look for something like that too. Stop seeing yourself as a graduate that some things are already beyond, when you are always broke.

3. Use your talent and already acquired knowledge . What can you do? Are you creative? Can you talk? Write? Sing? Design? Act? Can you use your strength to do physical jobs? Just anything you can do well. You can tap from the knowledge you already have. Just do something.

A lady who can cook moinmoin started making some for some offices. Early in the morning by 8:30am. She has already dropped cooler filled with moinmoin at this particular office with lots of staff and a particular staff collects money for her as each person picks. She comes for her cooler in the afternoon and by 10am, you can’t meet the moinmoin again. When she started, she spends 6k and makes 2k gain daily. This, she does with other things.

This may not take you anywhere but you can start life with that. No one will tell you everything. Just sit down and think. Just imagine you didn’t go to school at all? You no go survive?

I wrote this because someone had to ask me what can she do to earn and some coming to my inbox for help for Jobs. Lol.

Almost every Nigerian has a jobless family but you may not have a paid job but can still fix your brokenness. I was at this point 7yrs ago until I got tired of sending mails and travelling around. Start somewhere.

Even some employed people are complaining.. So don’t think some jobs will fix you. You may do well fixing yourself.

I recorded some workers complaining this morning after collecting salary and their worries are best imagined when they are giving examples of their one time jobless friends who envy them when they got the jobs, but are not doing badly outside today and better than them.

Don’t get pressured by your friends already working here and there. Start somewhere today and in few years, some of the companies your friends work for may end up giving you expert or skilled jobs, to fix for them. There is more space outside and more opportunities than they are, inside offices.

Get busy while still searching for job, if you still want to get a job.


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