How MC Oluomo Made It Hard For People To Get To Church Because Of Tinubu

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A Facebook user, Bolaji Akniyemi, has lamented the hardship that some Lagosians experienced over the rally chairman of Lagos State Parks and Garages management committee, Musiliu Akinsanya, popularly known as MC Oluomo, and other supporters of the All Progressives Congress Presidential Candidate, Bola Ahmed Tinubu organised in Lagos on Sunday.

Many commuters were trapped in traffic for hours while residents were subjected to hardship as a result of the rally.
The march, which commenced with a mammoth crowd at the Teslim Balogun Stadium ended at Oshodi.

Reacting, Akinyemi in a lengthy post, criticized the organisers for holding the walk on a Sunday morning.

He wrote: “How was it like getting to church this morning in the midst of Oluomo’s 5 million man march, particularly for those whose churches were along the route?

“Well, I take exception to our insensitivity as Christians, a 5 million man march on a Sunday morning at 8:00am in support of a Muslim/Boko Haram ticket? And we said and did nothing! Now they have said it loud and clear in Lagos to our face, “go to church and see “Muslim” marching to take the state in their multitudes.

“For me, it’s a subtle way of saying we are inconsequential! I know a lot of you will like to stay civil in this and sincerely that is what it should be, but this are no ordinary time. Am in the space by divine mandate and know things in ways i can’t explain, forgive my brashness if it offended your, civility, political affiliation or religious leaning. Am zeal driven to keep Nigeria for what it should be; a secular state.
“Do they have the right to walk on a Sunday? Of course they do! But the point is made, Lagos has more people who have no business with church and wouldn’t mind a walk in exchange for worship on a Sunday! So, live with it from now on!
“Saturday, 8th October was Id el Maulud, that was yesterday and Monday 10th October was declared as the holiday. So, tomorrow is a public holiday for Id el Maulud Please, before you call me names, i like to ask you some questions. Why was the walk not slated for tomorrow Monday; knowing it was going to be a public holiday?
“Does it mean there are no Christians in the new Lagos state park union who needed to honour the Lord with their worship today?
“Please, is it civil, polite and sensitive (legality is not the issue) to consider a walk in Kano on a Friday and plan it to start at 1pm?

“These things are deeper than we see them. This generation will either bury faith in the graveyard of politics or revive it by making the same place the holy ground where our Lord’s name must be respected and honored. I rest my case!”

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