How To Know You’re Single Even When You’re In A Relationship

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This is a new year and we would not want you to live your life in self-deceit, so we have decided to enlighten and inform you about how to ascertain your real relationship status.

If you don’t call or text, they won’t do it and when you finally do, they tell you that they are busy. No one who truly cares about you will go days without speaking to you unless they are sick, dying or suicidal.

Ah, this one is tricky but if I am being honest, platonic relationships with the opposite sex are rare these days. Especially when they are always hanging out with such besties and not you.

In the pecking order of people they value in their lives, you just don’t feel important. They are always with other people, so called friends more than you and you hardly get to see or hear from them.

Even single people experience love more than you. They don’t display any romantic gestures. In fact, they forget your birthday and relationship anniversary.

After spending all your energy complaining about what you want or how you think they should act to make you feel more loved, they ignore you and keep on acting in a way that hurts your feelings.

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