MC Olu-Omo’s 774,000 Jobs Selection: Absurdity Takes Centre Stage In Tinubu’s Lagos

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In Tinubu’s Lagos, anything goes. Absurdity reigns supreme in the bustling commercial city under the watch of the strongman of Lagos, the Lion of Bourdillon.

Folks who should be behind bars are daily courted by those in power in Lagos and primed as important personalities just for debased political gains.

Stack illiterates and touts like Musiliu Akinsanya, MC Oluomo lives large like a pop star in Lagos.

He moves around town in police escort and makes university professors go green of envy. That is what Bola Tinubu has turned a thug too.

He ceded the gold mine and the biggest revenue stream of the Local governments, transport levies to MC Olu and his gang to retain their political support.

Many were shocked few months back when an analysis and breakdown of what transport unions raked in daily in Lagos surfaced. It runs into several millions totalling billions of Naira per month.

Yet, most of the local governments are writhing under burden of lack of funds to build or maintain existing infrastructure. Many of them are almost bankrupt.

This absurdity gets the approval and backing of Lagos strongman as MC Oluomo had severally referred to Tinubu as his ‘Daddy’. Seyi Tinubu, son of Bola Tinubu is MC Oluomo’s confidant.
They party together and leave nobody in doubt of their friendship. The videos are on the internet if you doubt.

When MC Oluomo was attacked by fellow thugs at the flag off of Babajide Sanwo-Olu’s campaign at Ikeja in 2018, It became the biggest news of the day as chieftains of the ruling party scamper around to save his life.
The Tinubu political dynasty has propped the likes of Oluomo and other miscreants as dignitaries.

That is one of the disservices that Tinubu has done to the Yoruba race. The Omoluabi ethos of the race has been exchanged for political exigencies.

That is the legacy he is building. A society when knowledge and education takes back seat and rascality, miscreants are openly rewarded .

Yet, we complained that many young folks are seeking easy way to success by engaging in vices when Tinubu is facilitating MC Oluomo to build a thriving career out of thuggery and broad day extortion.

They ride the best of cars, date most beautiful Nollywood artistes and fly around the world in style to shop in designer stores.

The public sensibilities was further assaulted on Tuesday when news broke that the notorious Lord of the parks and Lagos State chapter chairman of the National Union of Road Transport Workers, NURTW was appointed into the 20-man committee that will coordinate employment of 20,000 youths in Lagos.

The community based mass engagement is the initiative of the Federal Government under the ministry of Labour and Productivity.

Other prominent personalities like Mutiu Aare, a chieftain of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC , an’s daughter Folashade Tinubu-Ojo, are also members of the committee.

The poser is this? What qualifies MC Oluomo to be appointed to the committee that will supervise employment of young people who cherish dignity of Labour?

It beats logic that a chief extortionist who has never done any lawful, legitimate work with hid hands will be the one deciding who gets a N20,000 naira job per month.

A man who epitomizes wealth without work is a colossal misfit for such assignment.

Tinubu and his acolytes cannot be raking in billions of our collective patrimony through their agents both in government and outside and further unleash this aberration on our sensibilities. Lagosians are not fools .This insult must stop!

If Tinubu , Lagos State Government and the leaders of the APC in Lagos that compiled the committee’s list for Federal Government don’t care about of the social implications of conferring official recognition on folks like Oluomo, sane and patriotic Lagosians are greatly concerned.

They are invariably turning MC Oluomo and his infamous path to fame and wealth as template for young people.

Some could reason, if MC Oluomo who could not boast of a Primary School Leaving Certificate can be recognized by the government to the extent of being appointed on a Federal Government sponsored employment committee, why can’t they follow his step. That is a negative influence that should be discouraged.

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