Nugget of Wisdom from Lagos State Deputy Governor, Dr. Obafemi Hamzat

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“If you’re lucky to be great and rich,don’t ever look down on the poor people around you.If you’re knowledgeable,don’t ever consider yourself as a ‘special being’, If you have plenty food in your house and enough to throw inside the waste bins,always remember the hungry people.

If you have mansions all over the world,always remember your final bedroom (6 feet grave). we can only see today,nobody knows tomorrow of anybody in this world.

Life is vanity upon vanity.If you’re in power today, just remember many people were occupying powerful positions before you’re born.

It is impossible to satisfy everybody in this world,but do your best to reduce the hardship of fellow human beings if you have the means.

Be humble, be friendly and always fear God”-unknown


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