Quiz Competition:Nasfat To Collaborate With MSSNLagos For Inter Schools Competition

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Nasfat in collaboration with MSSNLagos to hold quiz competition among Muslim students from the June 3,2020 to July 29,2023.

The quiz competition is a competition among the Muslim students in Lagos state. It shall be held among the senior secondary school students (SS 1 and 2)and will start by June 3,2020 and will end by July 29,2023.

The goal of the competition is to foster academic scholarship amongst Muslim students in secondary schools. Also, to challenge and motivate them towards successful academic life.

The competition will be divided into three stages; the preliminary, the semi final and the grand finale.

The preliminary stage of the competition will focus on the participants competing with the best two (2) Muslim students from each school in the local government areas with Mathematics, English Language, Islamic Studies and Current Affairs as their focus subjects.

The Semi final Stage of the competition will be done in each of the 6 Districts of Lagos State. 10 winners across the schools in each District (in each category) of the preliminaries will compete at this stage. The stage of the competition will however be held as Oral Quiz while the subjects as in the preliminary still apply. Automated PowerPoint presentation of the quiz question shall be used at the stage across the 6 Districts.

After the completion of the District Stage, a 3-day bootcamp programme will be staged to further train the successful participants of the District Stage for them to compete stronger at the final stage as well as make them acquainted with the “Kahoot application” that will be used at the grand finale. Here, the qualifiers shall be trained on some problem-solving techniques and how to answer some questions within the shortest possible time. They shall be taken through the Kahoot application and how to answer questions on the app.

The Grand Finale will hold as an event where secondary school students, state actors, private actors and other dignitaries will be invited to witness the intellectual battle and rub minds on bridging the gap between knowledge and Education and to re-orientate young students on career aspirations amidst social vices.

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