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Following the dissolution of Abdul-Qouwil led administration by the Council of the SUG Presidents in Lagos, the annual Pre-convention was earlier scheduled and held at LASPOTECH with the NANS JCC Lagos transition committee Chairman, Comrade Ojo Semasa (SUG PRESIDENT SACOED) as the presiding officer of the meeting aboard LASPOSUG President, Comrade Emmanuel Olamide as the Ag. Secretary General of the committee with Comrade shabi Awwal, (MOCPED SUG President) as the PRO.

The meeting which had in attendance six Lagos valid senators alongside stakeholders, aspirants and well wishers was designed to strictly adhere to the state directives on social distancing and regular hygiene – participants was instructed to wash their hands from the runny water basin mounted at the frontage of the venue, use a face mask on entrance and maintain six feet sitting arrangement.

Furthermore, few students and staff of the hosting polytechnic were present at the pre-convention ground -the likes LASPOTECH management PRO, Mr Lanre Kuye, Engineer Bankole, the Dean, Students affairs of the host institution, Mr. Bolaji, the DSS Students Unit Officer, officers of LASPOSUG, aspirants, and residents of the host community.

The event began with an opening prayer which was said by Senator Alagbe David, followed by the National anthem and alutarisation.

Consequently upon agenda reading, the senators in reaction to the rationale behind the pre-convention prised their mind by condemning the abuse of power, tenure elongation and adminstrative failure attributed to the evacuated chairman, Comr. Qouwiyy.

Comrade Alagbe Sewanu in his speech on the actions of the former chairman explained the inpugnable defiance and insubordinate disposition of the former chairman, decrying his failing ability to serve a rejoinder against or disclaiming his involvement in the impersonation or his support to impersonators whatsoever. “He foolishly claimed he never consented his e-signature on the impersonator’s documents but failed to openly disclaim his involvement, who is fooling who?”. He added.

The senator from AOCOED on another verbal lines unfastened the chronicle of Qouwiyy and desecrated the ugly attitude of the former chairman who intentionally insisted to issue an official congratulatory message to Kappo Olawale, the Zonal coordinator on his emergence which he (Qouwiy) witnessed and actively participated in the electioneering and even after several persuasions from the senators. He noted that such attitude is capable of impairing the confidence of other JCC’s on Lagos as the center of excellence and may orchestrate resentments between the Zonal leadership and the Lagos leadership.

The next spot of the agenda had senators giving reports on the state of their respective institutions. It was obviously acceptable from the report of senators that the pandemic has however marred the academic consistency and non academic activities across schools in the state. Comr. Ashade Basit, President, LASUSU in his report extolled the role of the SAE to the state Governor in ensuring that palliatives get to students of higher institution across the state and however hoped for more students centered development activities from the state government through his office.

In furtherance of the peaceful and progressive pre-convention, deliberations on the venue and date for 2020 convention was exhaustively ironed. Going by a democratic principle, all senators that was present was given adequate clip to present their suggestions on the matter arising after which President of MOCPED with excitement nominated his constituency, MOCPED, Epe but Comr. Alagbe David and Comr. Emmanuel Olamide intersectly made LASU a counter nomination. The two nominations was debated and the final result favoured MOCPED. While Comrade Emmanuel seconded MOCPED nomination, LASU President gave a tenable wherefore the school isn’t the best option for now.

The unilateral concession of MOCPED as the host of 2020 NANS LAGOS JCC convention swinged activeness on slatting the date of the convention. Lagos senators in reiteration of their stated objective to dynamically reposition the association to standard and the quest to activate an unexampled NANS LAGOS JCC agreed to have the transition and electioneering process on 17th and 18th of July 2020.

Consequently upon fulfillment of the pre-convention agenda and the observations of AOB’s, the Ag. Chairman, LAGOS NANS JCC in his closing remark, appreciated all who out of their busy schedule honored the call to service of repositioning the association back to standards and rededication of NANS LAGOS JCC to purpose fulfilling. He protractedly lauded the cooperation of the host management in ensuring a hitch free convention in their school and the provision of hand wash basin that aided our plan to observe government directives on regular hygiene.

In his conclusion, he lauded the support of all stakeholders and reasonable Nigerian students who have been up and doing to the course of purchasing a paradigmatic unionism for the generations to come and as well charged all and sundry to arrest every tiny positive medium to contribute meaningfully to the growth LAGOS NANS JCC.

The meeting ended with a prayer said by Comr. Lawal and a collective thunderous chants of

Aluta Continua!
Victoria Ascerta!!
Amandla awhetu!!!

*Comr. Ojo Samasa*

*Comr. Olamide Emmanuel*

*Comr. Shabi Awwal*

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