Robbers Kill Gallant MOPOL Officer In Lagos

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…As Narrated By A Concerned Lagosian In An Inbox Message
Good morning ma. I lost a Gallant Police officer yesterday to same criminals terrorising Orile/ mile2 axis unchallenged for years now.
Mopol Buba has been the only torn in the flesh of these criminals and cultists.
As he would always do, on that unfurtunate night he got an sos from a woman whose husband and others are being robbed at gunpoint at a GTB bank ATM near my Plaza.
He called the First bank and GTB mopols security but none of them responded.
He quickly ran with his pistol to help the people being robbed. He shot at the robbers and bullet didn’t enter, they short at him and the bullet didn’t enter too.
Unknowing to him, the criminals gang have others stationed around. Two of the criminals grabbed him from behind; hit him with 4*4 wood at the back of his head; he fell down and they messed him up more with more and then riddled him with bullet and went back and continued the robbery operation. More than 10 people at the GTB bank Coker / Oduade branch were robbed as other groups mounted on the express robbing cars that are passing through the nearby express.
These criminals operated unchallenged for hours despite sos to police station Orile and police officers collecting money from motorists at Coker bus stop nearby.
Mopol Buba was rejected at a nearby hospital and later died at about 2am Thursday morning leaving his wife and children fatherless.
I am pained because Buba was not just my CSO, he was a Gallant officer who would go to any length outside his comfort for the safety of others.
Buba had been a torn in the flesh of these criminals for years now. Few weeks ago, he rescued someone being robbed by the same criminals which left one of the criminals critically shot by mopol Buba. The criminals regrouped and rescued their fellow criminal who was shot but we heard he later died.
Rumor has it that killing of Mopol Buba yesterday was a planned revenge from the hoodlums.
Please this is an SOS call for the RRS to come to our help. This is enough evidence as they requested before. Please help escalate this appeal. Lives are being lost and terrorized daily by the criminals along Orile, Odunade, Suru-alaba to mile2 axis ..

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