“The Best Period For Reproduction Is Age 18-25″–Busari

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While speaking at the MTTMA’s Annual Professional Day on the topic: Midlife Health Challenges: Age 40 and above, Dr. AbdulWasiu Busari said that there are two important things that human beings take for granted–Health and Time.

He buttressed the components of aging, “hypertension, heart failures, etc”. He advised the participants to go for regular check up so as to discover possible diseases earlier.

According to him, regular excercise and eating right is key for people at the age of 40 and youngsters too.

“The best period for reproduction is age 18-25”, Busari stressed.

The second guest speaker, Engr. Anifowoshe who spoke on Retirement Plans enlightened the participants about the Bathtup Theory which states that infant mortality is between age 0–20, constant failure stage (useful life) falls within age 21–40 while the final one,
the wear out stage is between age 41 and above.

He listed the plans for retirement to be, “Health and energy, finance, love and happiness, peace and death”.

Anifowoshe vehemently advised the participants and general public to have multiple sources of income as a plan for retirement too.

In an interview with Citizen News Hub, the participants and awardees expressed their gratitude to MTTMA on this year’s Annual Professional Day and advised the organizers to make it better.

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