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Two decades and eight years ago, I was born into the family of Mr. Sunday Jegede (a photographer) & late Mrs. Sarah Temitope Jegede (a trader) at No 23 Dosumu Street, Orile Agege, Lagos state. I was privileged to attend some of the best primary schools (Jelly-Las, Divine Touch, and D&D) and enjoyed the services of some of the best hospitals around. Obviously, they were all private establishments. The choice between enjoying government-run services like healthcare or education and visiting private establishments for the same services is basically based on the quality of service and not entirely on the fee.
My name is Abayomi Samuel Jegede (JAS). I’m an Accountant by profession, a community /social worker by passion, and a working-class Lagosian. I have served, volunteered, and led in different capacities for effective change in the past. I have always viewed leadership as a tool to advance the course of humanity and I am determined to give the best shot towards ensuring everyone enjoys these essential services with ease and satisfaction.
It’s over 28 (twenty-eight) years since I was born, over 21(twenty-one) years since the advent of this democracy, and over 17(seventeen) years since the creation of local council development areas (LCDA) in Lagos state. But these set of problems listed below persist:
• Lack of quality primary education
• Lack of quality primary health -care centers
• Youth unemployment & economic uncertainty
• Ineffective representation at the grassroots level
• Lack of awareness about climate change

We need to fix these problems and that’s why I’m running for Councillor in Ward B, Orile Agege LCDA in the local government election coming up later this year.
The JAS 2021: A NEW DEAL councillorship legislative agenda is hinged on the following programs:
A. EDUCATION: Giving children between the ages of 6yrs-11yrs a quality head start in their academic journey is an investment that is worth it. Humanity, the country, state, and local government will benefit from such investment in the long run. To this end, we intend to;
1. Increase budgetary allocation to 26% for primary education in our LCDA
2. Provide/renovate classrooms for conducive learning
3. Provide instructional materials
4. Provide a functional library & ICT centers to connect classrooms to the world
5. Provide health & sport facilities
6. Offer scholarship for outstanding & indigent students

B. HEALTH: Primary Health Centre (PHC) is a grassroots management structure to provide quality healthcare services to communities. It’s worthy to note that Primary Health Centres services are not services for third-class citizens. We intend to;
1. Increase budgetary allocation to 15% for PHC in our LCDA
2. Better equip them (PHC) to provide preventive, curative, and rehabilitation services
3. Provide free healthcare programs for our children, pregnant women & our senior citizens.

C. INFRASTRUCTURAL DEVELOPMENT: Going round our LCDA it’s obvious we still suffer from floods, bad roads, open defecation, and insecurity. To this end, we will,
1. Ensure we have more drainage systems
2. Light up our streets
3. Set up more public conveniences
4. Upgrade our roads
5. Repair and upgrade our sport and recreational centers

D. EMPOWERMENT: Nigeria as a nation is faced with so many challenges economically. With a youthful population of more than 60%, it’s understandable what youths in the country are passing through. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, the unemployment & underemployment rate is more than 50%, the inflation rate is at 15.75% and the effect of Covid-19 on the income of families is unimaginable. In light of all these gory statistics, I believe strongly that one of the ways out of these quagmires is to invest heavily in our people. To this end,

1. We will empower our youths in terms of capacity building, professional training, and helping them with funds & grants to achieve their potentials
2. Empower our artisans, market women/men, and widows

E. ENVIRONMENT/CLIMATE CHANGE: According to the Nobel Peace Prize Winner Wangari Maathai, climate change is a matter of life and death and our generation is the first to really feel the impact of climate change, will also be the first to do something about it. I think we are not doing enough as a nation to cut our carbon emissions to meet the Paris agreement goal of limiting global warming to well below 2, preferably to 1.5 degrees Celsius, compared to pre-industrial levels. To this end I will push for;
1. A robust awareness of climate change in the LCDA
2. Adoption of renewable energy as a substitute for fossil fuels
3. More investments in climate-friendly infrastructures e.g. a mini solar-powered public library

F. QUALITATIVE REPRESENTATION: The qualities of an individual that allow him or her to lead can include experience, but the most important qualities of a good leader are integrity, character, and judgment. These are the qualities we need in our next Councillor. I’ll achieve this by;

1. Organizing quarterly town hall meetings to render my stewardship
2. Passing effective bye-laws for the growth & development of Orile Agege LCDA
3. Ensuring that the budgetary process of the LCDA is made open and transparent to the people

It shouldn’t take long years to fix these problems. Just a change in priority and the council being more responsible will get the job done. A working local council for the many and not the few or those that belong to the ruling party is possible!

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